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ARC Review: Dust by Devon Ashley

So, this is my very first ARC tour, hosted Megan, AKA The Book Babe.
ARC Tour Sign Ups: Dust by Devon Ashley
First, what I found interesting and different about Dust was the main character, Rosalie. The cover art is gorgeous, but pretty deceiving. Rosalie is a pixie, but not like the pixies in Carrie Jones' Need series. She's more of the Tinkerbell variety I guess, because she is six inches tall. Oh, and she has salmon pink skin. That threw me for a loop at first. But once I got my mental pictures adjusted, I was fine.
Rosalie is kind of hippy pixie, all into Nature and being laid back and free spirited. The world of the pixies is beauitfully described and creative. Once she's captured by fairies as a pixie dust making slave, the pace of the book picks up.

I especially liked the last half of the book after Jack, Rosalie's jailer, is introduced. It goes without saying if you read any of my reviews that a budding romance is a key plot element for me. :)

Things I didn't really enjoy: I felt the book needed better editing. Some readers aren't bothered by this, but I caught several typos and mistakes. There were also a lot of repeated words, such as when dialogue tags were reused repeteadly (characters "huff" a lot). I can't help it. I just notice when words are reused in books.

I would say overall I liked the book, but didn't love it. It is a clean YA fantasy, without bad language, sexual content, or any type of drinking or drug use. However, the faeries who capture Rosalie are quite brutal in their treatment of her and the other pixies.

"Dust"is the beginnig of a series (Of Dust and Darkness), and ends with a setup for the next in the book. I hope in coming books, Rosalie will find a way to wreak a little havoc on her captors and free the other pixies. There's a lot more of her story left to tell!

"Dust" can be purchased on Amazon .
Devon Ashley's blog is right here.

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  1. Wow Sarah! I haven't started it yet, but I was expecting more 'fairy' than 'pixie', even though it clearly states that she's a pixie! Now I'll know how to start the book: with an open mind! ;D

    I do the same exact thing! I mentally correct words, and even add punctuation! (There's been a few books that I've taken a pen to, but we won't go there.)

    I hope that if you read the next books, that you enjoy them! :D

  2. This sounds really cute! Little pixies? Can't say that I've read one like that. I agree with the editing issue. Though I have read many published novels with the same problem. It is rarer, but it still happens. Example: Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy. Loved it, but I think it had the most typos of a printed book I'd ever read. Maybe it's because I have an old copy, don't know. Still, when the writing's good, the writing's good :)

  3. Ooh, I love Carrie Jones' Need series! (Although I still haven't read the last book!) I can understand the frustration with finding typos and such in a book, but it sounds like a good read otherwise!

    By the way, your blog is beautiful! :D


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