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Review: REACHED by Ally Condie

Y'all, REACHED....


So stinking pretty. Just... I'm gonna give coherency a shot. I'm making no promises.

 Here we go!

 Ally Condie wraps up the MATCHED Trilogy using three POVs: Cassia, Ky (we've heard from both of them before) and Xander.  The Society is struggling, the Rising is on the move, things are not going quite as planned for anyone, and, oh: there is a plague. Big giant plague, which I think we can all agree is never a good thing.
Cassia, Ky, and Xander all have important parts to play in helping pull this new and unstable civilization back from the brink of collapse.  How each of them view the Society, the Rising, the Pilot, the plague, and their misgivings about the future is interesting to see, since they are three very different people. All the questions we had are answered, and there are a few nifty plot twists.

I realize this isn't much of a plot summary, but I'm terrible at those kind of reviews. I just want to talk about ALL THE FEELINGS. (As evidenced by the gifs...this is how I operate in life also. Even I find it hard to be around myself sometimes!)

Although the storyline is often grim, it's also beautiful. Condie's writing reminds me of Robert Frost's poetry. It's spare, almost simple, yet somehow so evocative. Images stick with you. There's nothing flowery or showy about the way she writes, but it just tears me up.
If you let hope inside, it takes you over. It feeds on your insides and uses your bones to climb and grow. Eventually it becomes the thing that is your bones, that holds you together. Holds you up until you don't know how to live without it anymore. To pull it out of you would kill you entirely.

 I just dig her writing style.

Something else I liked: the resolution to the Cassia/Ky/Xander thing.
 Hear me out, love triangle haters! Because I, too, usually want to start slapping people when I read a love triangle. But this one was wonderfully written. There was a point in her life when Cassia could have made a completely different choice than what she did. Xander and Ky both have wonderful qualities that would make either of them good partners for Cassia.
 But here's the kicker: Once she decided, SHE WAS DONE. No "oh, maybe I wanna make out with you over here, you're so hawt, no wait, what about you again...." nonsense like in some books.
 No. Condie does not play those games. I think the message here is: Life offers you alternate paths, different ways to proceed into your future, and any choice you make automatically shuts the door for other choices. Pick a path and keep moving forward. I found it refreshing to see such a mature attitude toward life from fictional teenagers.

And on the subject of moving forward: Xander. Oh, I loved the path his character takes in this book. I love seeing real, hard-earned growth. Another true-to-life fact woven into the plot of this book: you can't undo the pains and losses life hands you, but you can learn from them and grow. Any world is imperfect, but there is beauty and love to be found anywhere if you are brave enough to look for it and create it. I'm so happy to have met Cassia, Ky, and Xander and shared their journey.

Anyone else read this?? What did you think?




  1. I just got Reached yesterday, and I'm going to start digging into it later today. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it, seeing as how I'm already crying after reading so many amazing reviews. It sounds incredible!

    Debz @ Debz Bookshelf

    1. It really was a good book. I had that "all was well" feeling when I closed it. :)

  2. I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK ASAP! I was in love with Matched, but I didn't really like Crossed, so I'm really curious whether the ending is likeable enough for me! And agreed, Ally Condie's writing is fabulous!

    1. Stop back by and leave me a link when you review it! I think you'll like it though!

  3. I really, reallyyyy need to read this series. It sounds wonderful and I love your gifs :)

  4. Loved the review, nice job with the gifs!

  5. I still haven't read Crossed yet. Part of it is that I don't want the trilogy to end. After reading your review, I NEED to start on Crossed soon so I can read Reached. I also love Ally Condie's writing style. It's like the entire book is a poem. I think this book can be used in English classes. I think a lot of people would enjoy reading it in school, I know I would :D

  6. I don't know how this trilogy managed to pass me by, but you review reminded me I need to read these books!


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