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Character Interview: Jase from the Timber Wolves series

So, you might know I am a big fangirl for Tammy Blackwell's Timber Wolves series. My reviews of
DESTINY BINDS was one of the first ones I wrote on this blog way back when (and by the way, the editing and cover art issues I mentioned are a thing of the past now). And then I freaked out some more for TIME MENDS. (It is so sad I didn't know about gifs at this point in my bloggy career because I would've done so many for these reviews. So very, very many.)
When Tammy put out a call for bloggers to do character interviews, I signed right up.

Here's my interview with Jase Donovan, who turns out to be kind of an awesome guy even though at the end of the first book you will probably not think so ;) Trying not to be spoilerfic here!

Me:  Clowns: horrifying, obviously. But why? What makes them so freaky?

Jase: Dude, have you not watched It?

Me: Did you ever have any suspicion that Scout was a Shifter, or had an supernatural abilities at all? Liam got a sense that she wasn't entirely "normal" the first time he met her, and he could tell she was Dominant right away.

Jase: Of course I knew. What kind of moron do you take me for?

*the sound of Talley talking in the background*

Okay, okay. Fine. I didn’t have a clue. But it should be pointed out that Liam is the Alpha, so his sense of smell is way more advanced than the normal Shifter. And she’s my sister. I’ve known her my whole life, so to me she’s always smelled like Scout. How was I supposed to know that Scout smell was also female Shifter smell?

Me:And since brothers love to talk about stuff like this, what is Scout's most embarrassing moment?

Jase: She would probably say the time she lost her bathing suit top after diving into the lake, but the only people around that day were family. No, I think the time she tucked the back of her skirt into her underwear at church and made it through the rest of the service before Mrs. Jessup noticed and took pity on her was much more embarrassing.

Me: Now yours!!

Jase: Me? I’ve never done anything embarrassing.

*more Talley sounds from the background*

Good grief. Fine.

There was this one time at a party. This chick was whining about how much her feet hurt and how if guys had to wear high heels they would be outlawed. I took offense and said if guys wore high heels we wouldn’t complain about them all the time like girls do. The argument continued until I found myself stuffing my feet into her shoes and walking around in them. The problem was, I was so focused on our conversation, I hadn’t realized that even though we were alone in the dining room, everyone outside could see us through the sliding glass doors. I had girls giving me pointers on how to walk correctly in stilettos and guys complimenting my shapely legs for months.

  Talley is such a fabulous girl, but you obviously know that! Can you remember the moment when you realized you had feelings for her?

Jase: I’ve always had feelings for Talley. Good feelings, even. But if you’re wondering when those feelings started to include the urge to push her against a wall and have my wicked way with her, then the answer is prom. I’ve always known that Talley was pretty, but in that dress... Damn. I saw her and my mind immediately went to the gutter. And then it went somewhere even worse when I saw her with that loser.


You know, she and I kind of have this agreement to never talk about that night, so I’ll just stop now.

Me:  How did your friends from high school react to y'all getting together? Even though you were already out of school, Timber is a small town and I know you still see people from your class at Wal-Mart and that kind of thing. And I bet they had opinions about your relationship. I'm from a little Southern town, too, so I know how this works :)

Jase: People are idiots. When we were still in Timber and just faking at being together, it was like the redneck paparazzi. The moment we showed up somewhere together people would whip out their phones. Covert and not-so-covert pictures were taken. Texts were sent. Calls were made. A few concerned citizens tried to tell Talley I was just using her, and a group of my so-called friends had an intervention where they explained I was driving my rep straight into the ground. We don’t really talk to any of those people anymore.

Me: Are there any other kinds of Shifters besides wolves and coyotes living in the US? Or anywhere overseas, for that matter?

Jase: Not that I know of.

Me: And since this is a standard-issue question for people your age: do you have plans for the future? College? Career?

Jase: I’m not really much of a planner. Talley and Scout, however, have the entire rest of my life mapped out with interactive graphs. I’m sure they would be thrilled to tell you all about it, but I don’t really have time to get into right now because I have to go to the public relations class my Alpha and Vice Alpha made me sign up for.

You can get the final book in the series FATE SUCCUMBS right here and just brace yourself: things do NOT end how you think they will. Seriously.

And AND AND...There's a short story told from Jase's POV under the "At First Sight" tab over at Ms. Tammy's blog. So head over here to read about the first meetings of several of the Timber Wolves characters.

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