Friday, March 1, 2013

BBH: A Long Train Ride...

Question: You're on a long train ride. Which books will you bring to read?

Answer: When we adopted our daughter from Ukraine, we had to take a sixteen hour train ride to get to her orphanage. Let that sink in...sixteen hours. And we did it three times...
 So while I sometimes have to really think about my answer to bookish questions, I've got this one! :)
The Harry Potter series.
There's the train connection with the Hogwarts Express. (Although I have to say my own train experience wasn't nearly as charming as Harry's first ride to school. No chocolate frogs in sight! Although I didn't have any Dementors after me like he did on another Hogwarts Express ride, so that's always a plus...)
And the HP series is long enough to keep you busy for a good long while, too. And they're just plain fun. I read some of Goblet of Fire to my son last night and I'd forgotten how quickly and completely I get sucked into those books. Every. Single. Time. :)

And if not HP, then I'd work on my Review TBR list. I've got  an ARC of "The Runaway King" by Jennifer Neilsen that I'm reading right now, and it's a fast-paced, fun adventurous read that would help pass the time.

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  1. Bringing the Harry Potter series for an a long journey like that is a fantastic idea! You get sucked into those so easily that the trip would probably fly by like it's nothing.

  2. When I read this week's BBH question, I was thinking that the longest train ride I'd ever been on was about 3 hours round trip and it seemed to take FOREVER. It was just a scenic thing that took you up to a park and back to the depot. Beautiful, but kind of boring. I can't even imagine 16 hours. Crazy! HP would be an excellent choice, though.

    Happy Hopping!


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